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  • Carbovac
    Did you know ? 01 December 2023 News
    How does it go for a VRU deployment ❔ Once the contract is signed, products manufactured and delivered on-site, and assembly achieved, the VRU set up is made with 2 steps :– Cold commissioning : test without any product, to check materials, electronics, pneumatics, leak detection towards air...
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  • Alma services
    For a greener planet! 07 December 2023 News
    For our client Group Conhexa, our ALMA Services (ALMA CARBOVAC) Wormhout team installed a loading system for a 50m3 XTL tank, along with a heavy truck distributor. But what does XTL means ? « XTL » stands for “X-To-Liquid”. This synthetic diesel fuel is a member of the biofuel family....
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  • Alma
    Zoom on product : The Securiterre 640 18 January 2024 News
    Designed to prevent static accumulation and discharge during multi-sector tanker loading & unloading, this grounding unit Securiterre 640 allows you to control, ensure and maintain the grounding path during all the time of operations. This secure, intuitive and connected product presents multipl...
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