Our certifications

Our certifications

Aware of regulatory & environmental impact, we want to be at the state of the art of legal metrology and to be an agent of change

Certification is for ALMA Group the recognition by external and authorized organizations of our overall desire to satisfy customers, improve ourselves and comply with the regulations in force.

List of our qualifications

Certifications, accreditations and qualifications

  • CE

    The “CE” marking is the visible commitment of the manufacturer that their product meet regulatory requirements for free circulation through the European Union countries

  • ATEX

    Design, production, commissioning and maintenance of ATEX equipment : ALMA / LUVEBA

  • MID / UKCA

    Declination of the OIML for European Union & for the United Kingdom post Brexit

  • The OIML

    The OIML’s mission is to enable economies to establish efficient, mutually compatible and internationally recognized legal metrology infrastructures, in all the areas in which governments are responsible, such as facilitating trade, establishing mutual trust and harmonize levels of consumer protection worldwide

  • MASE

    Zero ACCIDENT, Zero IMPACT and Zero POLLUTION approach : LUVEBA / EIB / ALMA Services (2 branches)


    9001 : quality management system for ALMA / CARBOVAC / ALMA Services / EIB entities

    17020 : periodic verification of measuring systems for liquids other than water, fixed storage tanks: ALMA Services / EIB

  • Qualiopi

    The “Qualiopi” brand aims to certify the quality of the process implemented by action providers contributing to skills development.


  • FrenchTech

    Made in France for start-ups


  • French Fab

    The French Fab embodies the companies, economic players, institutions and industrial sites located in France who recognize themselves in the willingness to develop French industry.


Moving forward to energy transition!

Diversification and energy transition are part of our strategy, in knowing what is our carbon footprint and how ALMA GROUP could reduce it. This allows us to support our clients who have also started to reduce their environmental impact & carbon emissions. To follow this progress, we are monitoring an Energy Transition Index (E.T.I), which groups all non oil & sustainable energies’ revenues within ALMA GROUP.

CSR approach