Metrological measurement equipment

Initially targeting oil and gas downstream industry, our metrology solutions are adressing now also renewable energies and other industries

ALMA proposes the design, the development and the manufacturing of equipments for high-precision metering and automation in fluid transfer. These transactional metering solutions can be used in oil and industrial terminals or transport, during loading, unloading and distribution processes.

Client benefits

  • A French company, leader in its country whilst getting also a strong international footprint

  • High precision, reliable and robust solutions

  • Recognized metering solutions (Atex, MID, ISO 9001, CE)

Client benefits

  • A French company, leader in its country whilst getting also a strong international footprint

  • High precision, reliable and robust solutions

  • Recognized metering solutions (Atex, MID, ISO 9001, CE)

An offer fitting your needs

  • Dépôts & Terminaux


    Solutions for loading and unloading in oil depots

  • Transports

    Embedded and mobile solutions for measuring hydrocarbon deliveries

  • Fuel stations

    Mobile and autonomous solution for the metering at oil product reception

Our solutions

  • Transactional counting
  • Checking of product reception
  • Injection of additives or dyes
  • ATLAS monitoring software
  • Tailor-made solution

Several solutions to meet our clients’ metering and counting needs

By merging our skills in the manufacturing of turbines, sensors and electronic calculators as well as in legal metrology, project and automation, we provide you a complete range of products and solutions fitting your needs on transactional metering, during loading or unloading processes.

These solutions are compliant with MID, OIML and ATEX directives.

CMA/Turbo-Tronique, GPL-Tronique, Dual-Tronique

Version : hydrocarbon refined products, bio-fuels, adblue and on-demand other liquids // compliant with alma inside application

The guarantee of a reliable delivery

ALMA knows the fuel station issues and is focused on developing products that fulfil these specific needs.

As a consequence, ALMA has developed & continuously improved the single MID certified mobile device on the market, in order to avoid fraud during unloading process, by measuring the quantities received with the highest accuracy and repeatability.

This flagship product, the Flexicompt Autonome+, is able to measure the volume delivered by a carrier to the fuel station and to recover (and use) data in real-time with Alma’s home-made application (IOS and Android).

Version : hydrocarbon refined products, bio fuel, adblue

Merger between counting and process experience

Injection of additives or dyes, or product blending at the loading arms requires a specific product range, in order to fulfill these particular needs.

ALMA injectors are available in several versions, with a wide range of functions and a very high level of class 0.5 metrological precision.

They can be managed by the same Microcompt + electronic calculator at the skid level, or by a third-party system.

Our flagship products : MIT, MIV

Loading operation supervision at terminal level

Over the years, ALMA has increased its know-how to develop the ATLAS range of supervision software and equipment, which are specifically designed to manage operations at terminal level (whatever the size).

Our ATLAS systems provide an up-to-date identification and management solution at loading docks but also at the terminal entrance in an ATEX environment, with simple, safe and efficient ergonomics.

Our flagship product : Atlas Neo

Technical and project management

The ALMA Projects team offers its know-how and its extensive experience to carry out projects according to the clients’ requested scopes, in our various businesses.

The team in charge of your project provides technical guidance and project management, from feasibility to commissioning, integrating standard or specific ALMA components.

These projects can manage as well simple metering as full loading processes with integration of loading skids, arms, automation, supervision, additivation unit, vapor processing, etc.

Our products

    Metering and automation electronic calculator for loading and unloading operations for hydrocarbons and other complex liquids...
    Adriane turbine
    Turbine flow meter dedicated to complex liquid metering (max 13cst) from 4m3/h up to 600 m³/h...
    Flexicompt Autonomous Plus
    Le dispositif mobile et autonome de mesurage gravitaire de produits raffinés...


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    THEY TRUST US ! 28 April 2023 News
    RUBIS Stockbrest honoured us by choosing ALMA to modernise their Brest terminal. Work started during this 2ᵉ quarter of 2023. We would like to congratulate all the teams working on the project !#ALMA #ALMAGROUP #modernisation #Brest...
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