Published on April 28, 2023 - Alma
Gravicompt UNI -2 SIMSA

ALMA and its Mexican partner PETROGAS CORPORATION have just finalized the first two installations in Mexico. A bidirectional metering system Gravicompt UNI-2 has been implement on a 64 000 liters ” double-trailer” tank truck for the transport company LEMARGO (SERVIFACIL Group) and on a 32 000 liters tank truck for the SIMSA company.
The GRAVICOMPTUNI-2 is a compact bidirectional turbine meter allowing transactional measurements of petroleum products. It allows to carry out the gravity distribution of fuel in partial or complete delivery and the measurement during the loading process (pumped). Moreover it offers an excellent precision of 0.1% and a repeatability of 0.02% notably thanks to its gas detectors integrated into the turbine.
Congratulations to the PETROGAS CORPORATION and ALMA teams for this great success


Published on April 28, 2023 - Alma

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