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Published on December 01, 2023 - Carbovac

How does it go for a VRU deployment ❔

Once the contract is signed, products manufactured and delivered on-site, and assembly achieved, the VRU set up is made with 2 steps :
– Cold commissioning : test without any product, to check materials, electronics, pneumatics, leak detection towards air
– Hot commissioning : test in real conditions, with real products. This is followed by the fine-tuning step, the final adjustment to optimize parameters and functions.
Once everything is in order, the GO can be given for the launch and commissioning of the VRU. Standard Zephyr projects are designed for truck loading. The Zephyr 32 can load 1 truck, the Zephyr 64 2 trucks and the Zephyr 128 4 trucks.


Published on December 01, 2023 - Carbovac

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