Published on October 06, 2023 - Alma

What is metrology ?

Principles and methods that study measurement systems, the purpose of metrology is to set up parameters and impose measurement units, in order to obtain precise and controlled/ controllable results in production processes and commercial transactions.
Mandatory in many sectors of activities needing to validate commercial transactions, at ALMA GROUP Solutions&Services, we are specialized in the industrial and legal metrology of liquids other than water (LAE) -OIML R117.
The Organisation Internationale de Métrologie Légale (OIML) has a worldwide scope, and is applied by area, like for example the MID for UE.

Firstly Industrial metrology aims to guarantee the quality, reliability and performance of products and equipment. It covers, for example, the measurement of temperature, pressure, flow, … Secondly legal metrology, ruled by international system of units imposes specific standards and parameters to protect consumers and professionals against fraud and measurement errors thanks to regulated instruments.

At ALMA GROUP and all its entities – ALMA, ALMA SERVICES, EIB, EMIMA, EMIR, DELIVER UP and GRIZZLI, we have the recognized expertise and qualified teams to satisfy your needs and support you according to up-to-date standards and regulations.


Published on October 06, 2023 - Alma

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